Spring Recruitment at Coe College

On Wednesday, January 25, Coe College YAL held its first recruitment drive of the semester. We set up a table outside of our college’s cafeteria during lunch and dinner hours to promote political involvement and the ideas of liberty on campus. Coe is a small, liberal arts school of under 2,000 students, who mostly hold strong, progressive beliefs or simply no beliefs at all.

Though fighting an uphill battle, chapter members were able to hand out a number of pocket constitutions and help students identify where they lie on the Nolan chart based on a questionnaire provided by YAL. Thanks to the variety of issues featured on the questionnaire, we were able to identify students with specific libertarian views who would be interested in future activism events. In addition, a few students were interested in attending YAL meetings and promoting ideas of liberty.

One notable reoccurrence throughout the dinner tabling was that many students were hostile to YAL and considered it an essentially Republican organization; an unfortunate byproduct of the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” ideology so prevalent amongst our school’s many “social justice warriors.” Overall, the event proved to be an interesting way to connect with and learn more about what matters to the friends and classmates we see on a day-to-day basis, as well as an opportunity to present an alternative to the right-left trap that so many fall into.

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