Spring Recruitment Drive at Bethany College

On Friday, March 25th, the YAL chapter at Bethany College set up a table in the library with supplies for the recruitment drive. We wanted to make our table and chapter more interactive, so we chose to create a simple questionnaire that consisted of fifteen questions relating to U.S. history and its government.
We had gone around campus for the days leading up to the set up in the library asking random students throughout campus our questions. We thought the questions we were asking were simple, but apparently we were wrong. One question we had asked was “Who bombed Pearl Harbor?” One student looked at us and said “Iraq”. When we had told her the correct answer, she looked confused and stated, “Well, I forgot who Japan was.” Another question we had asked was “What is a difference between liberals and conservatives?” One student had answered, “I don’t know. I just know that liberals are better.” 

Emily Anderson (President) and Danielle Vealey (Vice President)
We had used this questionnaire as part of our recruitment drive to show the importance of education in topics such as U.S. history and government and why being involved in a club such as YAL will help people learn the fundamental information about government and simple history. People that stopped by our table were surprised to hear our results from the questionnaire. We had calculated that from everyone we had asked, the average percentage of questions answered correctly was 63%. 
Only one student got all 15 questions correct, and one student had only answered four questions correctly, resulting in a 27%. Here is the list of questions we had asked, in case anyone in curious as to why some people scored so poorly: Name a Republican running for president? Name a Democrat? Who are two of the four presidents that were assassinated? What is an executive order? Who is the current vice president? What document talks about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Who was the ‘conductor’ of the Underground Railroad? What was MLK’s famous speech? Who were the two sides involved in the Civil War? What country bombed Pearl Harbor? What is a difference between liberals and conservatives? What is a filibuster? What does it mean to be impeached? What presidents have been impeached? Where is the Liberty Bell? Who all is on Mount Rushmore?
With this recruitment drive, we are confident that we will gain new members to add to the number we currently have. The next event will be hosting will be on April 14th. We will be partnering with the film club on our campus, and we will be hosting a movie night based on free speech.
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