Spring Recruitment Drive at Eastern Washington University

The chapter at Eastern Washington University had a successful Spring Recruitment Drive despite the chaos of remodeling of our student union building Due to the construction, there isn’t particularly any one gathering place of students so we came up with the best plan to set up our table inside the political science building. We got quite a lot of interest in the lobby of the building, and many people came over to talk to us about theory allowing us to have very intellectual and honest debates. 

Some teachers stopped by to express admiration for our group doing activism off of the internet, and pointed out once again that we are the only active political group here on campus. 

Working through the conflict of a large portion of our campus being under renovation and off limits was a challenging issue. The weather has also been an issue; we had to reschedule our recruitment event twice due to weather shutting down campus. Finally being able to get some solid hours of recruitment in was a good feeling and very fun. Especially in a hall of students already interested in the subjects and theories. I highly recommend recruiting near halls of hard sciences, political science, or computer sciences for turn out. Political theory or logic-based majors tend to be very interested in the ideas of liberty, and that is where I have had the most success!

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