Spring Recruitment Drive at Elizabethtown College

Members of the YAL chapter at Elizabethtown College spent Friday April 1st reaching out to students to spread the message of liberty and rally new members to join YAL. The spring recruitment drive was a part of a larger campus event, Blue Jay Friday, which aimed to show case clubs on campus and provide fun activities for students. 
We passed out pocket constitutions and other promotional materials to students along with what to say to police cards. We also held a raffle for PEZ dispensers of former U.S. President. The set include PEZ of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and H.W. Bush.

The event allowed members of YAL to talk with dozens of students and faculty about the ideals of liberty and about joining Young Americans for Liberty. Several new students were added to the club email list, and we hope they will attend our next meeting. 

We look forward to having more events on campus and spreading the message of liberty to our fellow students. 
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