Spring Recruitment Drive at Georgetown University

On Sunday, January 22nd, Georgetown University co-presidents Addie Nix and Kevin Chao attended the Spring Campus Activities Board Fair in the Healy Family Student Center. Addie and Kevin had a great time talking to students about criminal justice reform, reigning in illegal wars and the importance of free speech. Students that Addie and Kevin talked to were excited about the semester coming up, including our first upcoming meeting this month which will focus on the future of liberty under the Trump administration.

Over 15 people signed up and Addie and Kevin are very excited to get them all involved this semester. Addie reported, “What got me most excited about tabling at Georgetown is seeing the enthusiasm of our students. So many people were talking to me about why they care about liberty, and that really inspired me to want to put on more great events like the one that we had today. Some things that I’m excited about for this semester is getting together with other chapters in D.C. to hang out, and hopefully host some more great speakers!” Kevin expressed his excitement for the year as well, saying “I am always happy to see young people embrace the idea of liberty. Our founders created a Constitution that limits state authority and reserves to individuals their fundamental inalienable rights. It’s my honor to serve in any capacity I can to protect liberty from all her enemies, foreign and domestic.”

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