Spring Recruitment Drive at Indiana University – Kokomo

On March 21, Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University – Kokomo held a Spring Recruitment Drive. This drive was designed to engage potentially interested students and inform them of our central ideals and goals. We used the recruitment kit provided to us by the national organization which featured books, posters, fliers, and other pro-liberty materials and literature as a means of engaging students and identifying pro-liberty members of the campus community.

After receiving the express approval of student activities, we planned a day and a time for our table. Setting up in a high traffic area of campus is key to engaging with students as they pass by, and also allows you to work in a small perimeter around your table.

Once the table has been placed, be sure to arrange your materials in such a way as to highlight the most straightforward pieces of literature as well as making our display aesthetically pleasing. Books and materials strewn about haphazardly does not make for a good exterior appearance.

Finally, do not sit down. Be sure to be up and active so as to better engage with students and to give the appearance of a vibrant, lively event.

We plan on holding a final recruitment drive sometime before the end of the semester, and have further events in the works for the month of April.

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