Spring Recruitment Drive at Los Angeles Harbor College

On March 29, Los Angeles Harbor College YAL Chapter members took to the field, equipped with surveys, sign up sheets, handouts, and stickers. 1345 hours was the perfect time to hit the field, as the campus is most active during this time, and nearly all chapter members were able to assist in recruiting.

The chapter president met with his army of liberty warriors prior to 1330 hours just outside of the cafeteria. There, he explained his plan, handed out materials, and gave some advice regarding how to approach a potential member. He was also pleasantly surprised to meet Will Fleury, a traditional conservative who had not been formally introduced to and accepted into the chapter. His willingness to help recruit provided for a much needed increase in recruitment efficiency later on during the recruitment efforts. He is now a member. 

Around 1345, the Los Angeles Harbor College YAL Chapter divided their manpower amongst different areas of the campus. Shortly after separating, the effectiveness of the chapter’s recruitment technique was observed. The first students approached by chapter members were highly interested in what Young Americans for Liberty has to offer. Without hesitation, they signed the clipboard and provided contact information. All students who were approached and signed the clipboard were given some form of a handout. This trend of success would continue until campus activity began to die down. Fewer students were roaming the campus, and more were in a hurry to attend class. 

The chapter president became dispirited. This would change as a radical leftist, complete with plenty of tattoos and piercings, approached one specific chapter member, who happened to be sporting a pro-Trump hat. She questioned, 

“Is this a social experiment. Because you’re wearing that hat.”

She immediately proceeded to label that chapter member as xenophobic, against his own people! All participating chapter members shared a laugh after the leftist had stormed off. 

1500 hours was when the chapter finished its recruitment attempts. The chapter rendezvoused just outside of the cafeteria in order to discuss the day and organize all remaining recruitment materials. 

The chapter was able to obtain contact information of twenty three students, which included information from surveys.

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