Spring Recruitment Drive at Purdue University

March 28, 2017 was a great day to not only be outside, but an even better day to spread the message of Liberty. Our chapter came out in full force to take a stand against big government and to promote the idea of true freedom and a voluntary society that maximizes economic freedom and individual rights. We handed out hundreds of flyers promoting our next meeting, as well as numerous pocket Constitutions and YAL palm cards. On top of this, we were able to have much needed conversations with our fellow colleagues. So many students were surprised and absolutely astonished at the fact that our government can spy, silence, and take your stuff away all without proper cause. We were able to fire people up, and get a list of new liberty lovers who are ready to #MakeLibertyWin. Our four-legged friend Indy even enjoyed the nice weather and letting college students know just how much fun Purdue YAL really is!

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