Spring Recruitment Drive at Taylor University

Today was Taylor University’s first Spring Recruitment Drive and it was a success. 65+ signatures on a 2,000 student campus caused quite a wave for our first public appearance and we are excited for our informational meeting Tuesday.

Despite its success, this first public appearance was no easy process. As Taylor is a private Christian University, we do not have the inherent right to clipboard or table without faculty permission and we cannot have permission without a sponsor. To get a sponsor was a 2 month process composed of 8 meetings and over 20 faculty members’ approval; it’s no wonder the many previous attempts at variations of a political club on campus failed. Though the previous attempts failed, I believe this public appearance sparked ambition in the students past failures, which has been dormant until now. I heard many eager stories regarding hope in YAL’s success when their campus libertarians, campus Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom all failed before.

With these prospects we now have the leverage to take YAL to the senate and get official campus recognition, making YAL the first political club in Taylor University’s 171 years.

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