Spring Recruitment Drive at the Catholic University of America

Catholic University Young Americans for Liberty held its first recruitment drive on March 2! This was one of our first attempts to recruit new members now that Young Americans for Liberty has been officially recognized as a chapter on CUA’s campus. I would say we were very successful in this first attempt.

We had many people who seemed very passionate about liberty sign up to get more information about the club! A few students were also interested in helping out in leadership positions in this newly forming club. I will be reaching out to these people to find the right people to be on our executive board tomorrow.

I am pleased that we were able to spend a lot of time talking to people who were genuinely interested in the ideas of liberty! We had so many great conversations about the lack of freedom of speech on campus and some students seemed really energized about challenging some of the unconstitutional practices that Catholic University engages in when it comes to free speech. That’s why I’m so excited to participate in YAL’s Fight for Free Speech on CUA’s campus.

In the future I hope to have more help and reach out to more students, leading to a much more successful recruitment. Finding more people for our executive board will help with this! Individuals were really excited to hear what were were about, and many students liked that we were handing out pocket Constitutions.

Overall, I would say that this experience was a really great learning opportunity. It was fun and absolutely a step in the right direction, and I expect greater success in the future for the new Catholic University of America Young Americans for Liberty Chapter!

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