Spring Recruitment Drive at the Community College of Philadelphia

On February 24th, the CCP YAL chapter engaged in our second Spring Recruitment Drive. 

Just as with our first drive in November, the number of signatures wasn’t large, but it was significant. We are currently in the process of becoming a recognized organization on campus.

During the last half hour of recruiting, we were caught by a school official canvasing on campus without prior permission. The official was very understanding and was nice enough to not only let us continue to canvas, but also encouraged us to continue our message of free speech.    

Engaging students wasn’t as hard as we first thought. Topics such as the war on drugs and police aggressiveness especially from the perspective of young people of color really made our table active throughout the day from both students and faculty. 

Though the number of sign ups may not have been great, the name Young Americans for Liberty is definitely becoming more well-known throughout campus.

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