Spring Recruitment Drive at UMass Boston

This week we held another recruitment drive to get our name out there for those who are still unaware of our club. We recruited more students and enlightened them on libertarianism and the dangers of socialism. Living in a very liberal state like Massachusetts, a significant percentage of students consider themselves Marxist; opening their minds to libertarianism can be quite hard at times, yet we’ve found that most students who stop to listen are usually pretty receptive of libertarian values.

At this recruitment drive we mostly focused on promoting the upcoming spring summit which will be held here in Boston with Ron Paul as the main speaker. We handed out flyers for the summit and informed everyone of Ron Paul’s appearance; students were excited of to hear that Ron Paul would be there.

This time we showed a really strong presence with more than five members there to talk to lots of students and professors. We had a lot of good discussions; we talked to a liberal arts professor for quite a long time, surprisingly we were able to find lots of common ground.

Our hard work of consistently holding meetings, recruitment drives, and events has truly paid off as most of the campus is now aware we exist. It is now are job to educate them on their misconceived notions of libertarianism.

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