Spring Recruitment Drive at Young Americans for Liberty at Texas State

Young Americans for Liberty at Texas State has been hard at work educating students on the free market with three activities that brought people over to have fun, enjoy some food, and ask questions about the role government should play in the market. 

The first of these events was the Crony Chronicles Postcards. We asked students how they felt about their money (what little money a college student has) and the money of their friends and family going to large corporations whose business practices require the government to help prop them up.

Needless to say most students, whether they were Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or other did not look favorably on this practice. many of them felt so displeased with this that they felt the need let Congress know that they would appreciate it if the government would stop looting them and end corporate welfare!

Crony Chronicles

After spring break, students were drawn to loud crashing sounds of a system collapsing under pressure of its own weight as the foundation of it became weak and unstable: Jenga!

Students got to do their part in helping to redistribute wealth (or a block of wood) from a place that they felt “eh, it can do without it here” and moved it to the top until the inevitable “crash.” It was also a great way to pass the time while waiting for our most popular event of the semester. We decided to not just talk about capitalism and the  free market but actually participate in it.


We figured that the company that currently runs all of the dining facilities on campus could use a little competition, so in the spirit of a truly free market we invited Deli-cioso, an amazing local business popular among students, to come to campus and sell their gourmet tacos in the quad.

Students were able to come up and eat something way better than a “frat taco/burger” and pass the time getting active protesting the school’s policies by signing a petition ( see video below), learning about redistribution of wealth, or helping end corporate welfare. Amazingly, we have had an increase in our meeting attendance to an average of about 30.

In addition, Deli-cioso benefited so much from this that they have offered to cater and host our end of semester party free of charge! Needless to say, our chapter has been completely reinvigorated and countless ideas are rolling in for the next few months, so stay tuned!

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