Spring Recruitment Drive HUGE Success at Baldwin Wallace University

On Monday, January 22nd, myself and State Chair Kevin Cline hit the student union with clipboards in hand to talk to dozens of students at Baldwin Wallace University. These students enthusiastically grabbed our clipboards and signed up for the next meeting that we will be holding sometime this week. We discussed issues like free speech, due process on campus, and constitutionally limited government. We were pleasantly surprised by the positive reception of our message and the excitement of students we signed up to learn more about individual liberties and rights. They seemed excited to get involved and  participate in educational events on campus. Many of my friends on campus were excited to become officers and help me establish the club on campus.

I am looking forward to the the first event that we will hold, I am excited to spread the message of liberty to my fellow students at BW. We plan on doing a free speech ball to push the boundaries of university policy on campus regarding free expression.

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