Spring Recruitment Drive @ Oshkosh

Do You Support Liberty Quiz

Spring 2014 Taste of Oshkosh was a tremendous success at The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh!

Our chapter was able to place our table near the highest-trafficked area right outside the bookstore as students waited to buy their spring textbooks. YAL-UWO was able to increase our signups and spark interest in passing students and faculty with our large and presentable political quiz.

Taste of Oshkosh

We distributed all meeting handouts at our table and also all entrances to the student union to gain maximum exposure. The tabling event was followed by an advertised meeting the next day. YAL-UWO was the by far the most successful political group at Taste of Oshkosh and also one of the most popular overall!

Taste of Oshkosh

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