Spring Recruitment @ the University of Central Florida

What a busy semester it has been so far for Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Central Florida! This semester, YAL at UCF has been hard at work rebuilding our organization’s membership and presence on campus.

President Brittany Turner and officers Robert Fernandez and Layne Garett (From left to right) representing YAL at club showcase

First, we put flyers on all of the dorms at UCF’s main campus in order to make the UCF community more aware that YAL was having our first meeting of the semester. We used the YAL National resources in our flyering efforts. 

YAL at UCF members Flier Bombing

Next, we represented YAL at UCF’s Club Showcase; where 200+ student organizations gathered to make freshman and other UCF students aware of these organizations on campus. YAL was able to gather 10+ sign-ups from being in the Club Showcase. After much advertising, planning, and waiting, we finally had our first meeting on January 21, where the topic of discussion was a introduction of what Young Americans for Liberty is and how liberty made everyone’s lives better. Our efforts paid off because there was a increase in membership! 

YAL at UCF Member Flier Bombing

Representing YAL at Club Showcase

Young Americans for Liberty at UCF will not only continue building the organization itself, but continue making the UCF community aware of the ugly nature of government. Thank you to those who made the Young Americans for Liberty at UCF Spring Recruitment a success!

YAL members After MeetingYAL Members After Meeting

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