Spring Semester 2018 kicks off at Florida Gulf Coast University

FGCU’s liberty group has a lot of big things in store for this semester. Kicking it off, we have an event “Life after extremism” in which we hold an interview with a former white supremacist to discuss the most sensitive topics of racism in this country. We also have on the calendar two events featuring Bob Levy, one a debate on the Supreme Court Case: Cakeshop Masterpiece vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the other going over how, historically, the Supreme Court has usurped its intended it’s authority and subverted liberty. Another is an economist from Tulane University presenting his research on solutions for Marketplace Discrimination. On top of this, we also have a spring conference planned in which we are having 4 or 5 speakers giving presentations on The Ideas of Classical Liberalism.

This should be a great semester with events that promise high attendance. It’s time to Make Liberty Win. We’re doing work at FGCU.

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