Spring Semester Recruitment Drive!

On February 6th, American University’s YAL chapter began the new semester strong, starting 2017 with the spring recruitment drive! Outreach Director Annamarie Rienzi, Executive Director Harry Kazenoff, and Treasurer Daniel Savickas all gathered together to manage the table and reach out to freshmen newcomers who had not yet learned about the school’s opportunities for liberty. During the hours our chapter stood along with our Ron Paul cutout, we were able to acquire a total of 30 signups!

Using what we learned from the YAL national organization, as well as the resources we had access to because of them, our chapter was able to go all out. With our table cloth, a laptop with a recruitment video on loop, the YAL banner, a bunch of pocket constitutions, our political quiz, and of course the inviting gaze of Ron Paul in cardboard form, we were able to attract newcomers from all parts of the political spectrum to talk with us.

Our members engaged with interested students by offering free pocket Constitutions, which were placed right in the front. We would then ask the newcomers about their thoughts and opinions, offering the political quiz to those who were unsure. Using each person’s individual opinions as a springboard to talk about how YAL works with those issues, even with the most liberal students. We provided information on our latest activities and meeting information, concluding by inviting them to our meeting later that day so they could meet Representative Thomas Massie!

Most of the students were very interested in listening to the congressman, and many of them showed interest in going to our regular meetings. After giving their information, for those interested we put their names down for our next meeting later that day.

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