Spring Tidings from The Cap Fam

The Capital University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty got the ball rolling in 2017 by taking part in our first recruitment event of the year! As one of the more prolific political/activism groups on campus we value any chance we get to identify potential new members who share our beliefs. We stepped up our recruiting tactics this semester to gain sign ups by using recruitment tactics taught to us by members of YAL National, and by using our amiable relationships with members of College Republicans and College Democrats to refer members that may be more suited for each others groups.

Perhaps the most exciting development from our recruiting drive was how great of a job our youngest members stepped up to the plate! We had three underclassmen commit to being at the event the entire time and their passion in our message, along with their investment in each person that came to our table made an astronomical impact on our event. I couldn’t be more proud of these young guys and am very excited to work with them this semester as we cement ourselves into the history of Capital University and continue to sow the seeds of liberty on campus.

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