Springing into Liberty at the University of Delaware!

Last night the YAL chapter at the University of Delaware held our Spring Recruitment Drive at the Activities Night in the Perkins Student Center.  With the help of Alex and Hannah, we set up our table with all the awesome supplies from the recruitment kit including pocket Constitutions, palm cards, political quizzes, stickers, and buttons.


As students began pouring in, so did the signups. We got a lot of people to sign up. Most of the people that signed up were genuinely interested in what we do and in coming out to a meeting to learn more. Our secretary, Zach, did an awesome job with recruitment, as did everyone else. Our next meeting is Tuesday night, and I am expecting it to be a great success! I will be ordering pizza and guiding a discussion to introduce our new members to the ideas of liberty. Here’s to another great semester of fighting for liberty on campus!


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