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Like many other chapters, Constitution week was Slippery Rock’s main activism event for the month of September, and as our chapter was just getting started back up for the year, we decided to keep it simple and focus on recruitment and spreading the ideology as a whole as well as focusing specifically on the Constitution. 

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I was mistakenly under the impression that Constitution Week took place from the September 10th to 17th, rather than the following week.  SRU YAL tabled on Tuesday  September 11th and managed to hand out more than 100 pocket Constitutions in less than a half hour. When it came to the attention of the rest of the chapter (whose intelligence far outweighs that of their lowly president) that Constitution Week wouldn’t officially begin for another 6 days, we packed up and postponed our tabling for another week, where we handed out the rest of our pocket Constitutions, totaling roughly 175 when combined with those which were left over from last year.  All in all, it was a very successful week(s) for SRU YAL, spreading the message of liberty and upholding the validity of the Constitution for another Constitution Week.

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