SRU YAL Debates College Democrats and Republicans

On Tuesday October 30th, the Slippery Rock Young Americans for Liberty participated in a debate hosted by Slippery Rock’s Pi Sigma Alpha political science honor society and the political science department. Even though the debate was organized by a “neutral” organization, it was clear who would be trying to push their agenda, as the entire lobby leading into the auditorium was clogged with Obama propaganda and foot soldiers.

Obama Wall

What happened inside the auditorium however, was a bit of a different story. The topics for the debate were:  

  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Foreign Policy
  • Healthcare
  • Debt 
  • Abortion
  • Gay Rights
  • Environment/Energy
  • Immigration

The team of educated debaters for the YAL group consisted of Chris Penco, Emily Buck, Josh Weitzel and Dane Patricelli. Only Josh is a political science major.

SRU YAL Debaters

The teams for the Democrats and Republicans were all political science majors.

As could be expected, the College Democrats argued that Barack Obama has done a wonderful job in the last four years and he deserves four more. The Republicans seemed a bit confused, but took the normal Republican stances of social conservatism and expanding/maintaining the military industrial complex. It is interesting to hear Democrats make their case for Barack Obama’s foreign policy — often being misinformed about the truth behind maintaining the military empire, Guantanamo Bay, assassinations of American citizens, and remaining in Afghanistan. These debaters made it clear that libertarians really have the only non-interventionist foreign policy stance.

As a non-student at the college having graduated over the summer, I stayed in the back of the auditorium and watched my old buddies from the YAL group systematically dismantle both sides of the conversation. It didn’t bother me than some of my old peers from the school were throwing their hands up in disgust as the Democrats took poor stances on many issues and the YAL group nailed it.

At the end of the night, most in attendance admitted that the YAL group seemed the most informed and got their points across in the best manner, making the most sense. Some people even went as far as to crumple up their Obama stickers (that were handed to them at the door) and say they were going to look into libertarianism a little bit more now.

Crumpled Obama Biden Sticker

This was a great opportunity for the YAL group to get their points out to people and put them up against mainstream opinions that just don’t make sense. It was a very successful evening at Slippery Rock in the end, followed up with a group social at the North Country Brewery in town.


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