St. Cloud Chapter Hosts Successful Anti-War Event!

On Wednesday the St. Cloud State University YAL chapter hosted an event to petition against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan barely twelve hours after making an appearance at the College Republicans’ event “Why Am I Conservative?” making an effort to outeach to both the fiscal and social conservative movements.

While the anti-war protest was politicized by some less classically-liberal students and the administration tried to shut us down, claiming that we had not followed procedure to secure our location, they eventually admitted that they had a reservation for the group. “Student groups aren’t allowed to post things to the building,” said a man from the programming office, “But those cement walls over there are fine.”

Despite the red tape and some student-group politics, our chapter managed to collect more than 250 signatures in support of H.R. 248 – to present to our Representative, Michele Bachmann – while increasing our group size 50% in a single day.

The Crew Setting Up at Locale #1

Questions to Think About

Sign Waving

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