St. Cloud State Constitution Week

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Last Thursday, St. Cloud State students exercised their First Amendment rights at YAL’s free speech wall.  Despite barely having a voice due to a severe cold, some of our chapter members as well as myself preached constitutional rights and gave out constitutions to our fellow Huskies.  After receiving a Constitution, they had the opportunity to write whatever they would like on our free speech wall.

free speech wall 1 

The wall became very interesting, due to several issues on our campus, such as the closure of the aviation program, the elimination of homecoming, and recent homicides around campus.  I was approached by some administrators who wanted to shut down our event, because the things wrote on the free speech wall did not agree with their policies.  I informed them that we would not get rid of our free speech wall, and if they wanted to counter the students arguments, they also have the right to free speech and could write on our wall.  After hearing that, the administrators looked disgusted and walked away.

Free speech wall 3

Prizes were also given away to anybody who could tell us what their favorite constitutional amendment is.  Overall the event was awesome and we got several new signups and contacts, and are gearing up for an exciting election day.

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