St. Cloud State University: Month 1 Recap

One of Minnesota’s oldest and historically strongest chapters is back this year, and is making waves! Although starting with very few returning members and a largely vacant board, the Huskies proved that little can knock them down!

9/3: Mainstreet

Mainstreet is St. Cloud’s version of an activities fair, with every student organization on campus represented. Despite the event being canceled due to severe thunderstorms, our hardworking members headed inside to not waste the day! 


9/10: Mainstreet 2.0

At the second event, we were able to collect over 200 sign-ups between the two activities fairs, all while spreading the message of liberty to a very enthusiastic student body! (The giant pong game was a BIG hit!)


9/17: Constitution Day

St. Cloud <3 free speech! We tabled during the day while passing out HUNDREDS of Constitutions and having students write on our Free Speech Wall. 


10/11-10/12: YLS Training

A few SCSU students joined liberty and YAL activists from all over Minnesota to attend the Leadership Institute’s flagship training to learn how to become the most effective activists possible. Not only did we learn more about activism than we could ever imagine (it’s a very thorough course), but it was a great opportunity to network with others in our same situation! 


Besides all of the activities and weekly meetings, we have also successfully elected a full board! Brooke Taylor, Aly Eichman, Aaron Henning, and Brian Madsen will continue to work hard to ensure liberty does not die at St. Cloud! 

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