St. Cloud State YAL Takes on 4.0 Fat-Cats

Whether it was having students who legitimately wanted a redistribution of grades and never got the whole satire part of the event — or other students who hated the proposal but didn’t understand what satire is — this event was an interesting one, to say the least.


It was a day of railing against all those 4.0 fat-cats and doing our best to unite us 89% on campus not a part of that GPA elite.  Amazingly, we were able to fill up two petition sheets. That being said, quite a few signatures came from people that understood the act and just wanted to support a little theatre on campus.

For those that did sign and didn’t get it we made sure they got the got-ya sheet that explains what our event was about (something makes me apprehensive about whether they read it). For those that got angry at the fact that we would tax the GPA elite which as they argued have more than likely worked much harder than the GPA middle and lower class; we would admit we are being shysters and explain how the very same arguments they made about the unfairness of redistribution of GPA’s can be applied with the tax the rich mentality. Liberal student’s reactions at this point were very interesting. Some agreed, which equates to a philosophical victory while others would deny the resemblance in arguments and held their steadfast view that the rich be punished (facepalm).

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Above, this local reporter figured me out pretty quick.

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