St. Edwards’ University Involvement Fair 2016

In the third year of being active at St. Edwards’ University, the members of our chapter spent the day tabling in the annual Involvement Fair. Previously, our chapter operated on campus alongside clubs such as the College Democrats and Campus Republicans. However, this election year we are the only political activism club at the University.

Many students were intrigued and showed great interest in learning more about libertarian tenets and beliefs. We provided many educational pamphlets and leaflets that gave insight into the failed war on drug, including its consequences such as a disproportional prison population. While some were unaware of what libertarianism is, we were surprised to find some students who identified as libertarian and showed great interest in joining our chapter.

We received over 3 pages of signatures and contact information and had an overall successful day. We look forward to making our presence known on campus through activism, education, and our love for liberty.

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