St. Lawrence University “Can We Take a Joke” Screening

The St. Lawrence University YAL chapter’s first campus event took place with our screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” for Freedom Day. Reserving a venue was easier than expected and students here may freely post flyers for events without needing any special permissions. We were able to get posters up in every dorm bulletin board and a flyer under as many dorm room doors as possible.

Perhaps the one flaw with scheduling this event at St. Lawrence was the popularity of the venue used. This made it all but impossible to do a “test run” of the facility, forcing us to figure out how to use the equipment thirty minutes before the event was to begin. A few of our early arrivals got a sneak-preview of the first few seconds of the film as a result. Otherwise, we were able to figure out how to use it in time.
We had nine attendees at the screening, almost all of whom signed our petition for free speech. Of these nine, two seemed genuinely interested in joining our chapter. These individuals, along with Thomas and myself, stuck around to discuss the film.
Although we didn’t get much pushback from our university’s administration, our conversation led to the idea of hosting our own comedy show. Up until now, the comedians our institution has hosted have been relatively mild, so we have an opportunity to test how well our administration can actually take a joke.
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