St. Lawrence University YAL Virtual Lecture with Raeford Davis

The YAL chapter at St. Lawrence University had its first speaker event on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. The event, entitled “Problem, Officer?: A Student’s Guide to Dealing With Police” featured former North Charleston, South Carolina police officer Raeford Davis via Skype. The event had 11 attendees. Davis talked about his own career as a police officer, his journey into a drug legalization advocate, the failed War on Drugs, how drug laws and policing hurt communities more than the drugs themselves, and tactics police use (or abuse) to be able to search civilians without a warrant.

Davis cited graphs and statistics about incarceration rates in the United States, and how high they were compared to the rest of the world. He also presented statistics of people in prison for nonviolent drug-related offenses. He answered questions about his proposed solutions to these problems, how to interact with police officers, and the authority police have on college campuses compared to the administration.

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