St. Mary’s College of Maryland Spring Recruitment Drive

Yesterday, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at St. Mary’s College of Maryland started off the new semester with its spring recruitment drive. With liberty on our side, we signed up over twenty people for the chapter! We passed out plenty of pocket Constitutions, books, and other pro-liberty literature. The world’s smallest political quiz, as always, was a big hit!

My advice to other chapters is this: just because they sign-up, doesn’t mean they will show up. My chapter had troubles getting students to show up to meetings, which is always a problem in a tiny school with few libertarians. Nevertheless, we started changing strategies by texting people before meetings, offering food, and assigning people tasks after their first meeting. These changes really help with student turn-out.

We have some big plans for the new semester. We are planning our trip to the YAL summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Many of those who showed up to the table were more than interested in the opportunity to network with liberty-minded students. We also plan on hosting events on criminal justice reform this semester in light of the Senate’s failed attempt at passing a criminal justice bill before the end of the former President Barack Obama’s last term. Finally, we plan on promoting the ideals of free speech by tackling unjust campus email policies that ban certain Constitutionally protected speech. Last semester was fun, and I can’t wait to continue working with my YAL members to protect the civil liberties of all students!

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