Standing Your Ground against Police

This video from Pete Eyre of The Motorhome Diaries is one of the best examples of standing up for your rights I’ve ever seen. This video is the second of Pete’s used by Cop Block, a non-profit organization founded by Adam Mueller, another member of The Motorhome Diaries. I think one of the best examples Pete sets in this video is his calm demeanor and unwavering resolve. He has a strong command of what the law really is, and makes them abide by it.

The short version of the situation was Pete’s girlfriend was pulled over by an officer, and Pete went to the scene to make sure she was okay. Pete was open carrying, which is not a crime in New Mexico, nor is it something that requires a special license of any kind. The officers repeatedly lie as to what the law is in this video, as you will see. He leaves the officers dumbfounded, and without showing them his ID.

Cop Block is “a decentralized organization that highlights cops breaking the law and the action taken to seek accountability.” I highly recommend bookmarking that page, and take notice of the potential something like Cop Block has in terms of actually resisting the “police state” we discuss and write about so much. Watch the video below and read the accompanying post over at Cop Block.

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