Star Parker at Capital University

Young Americans for Liberty at Capital University was honored to host the founder and director of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) and critically acclaimed author Star Parker on Wednesday, January 27th. 

Starting up

Star discussed her work with CURE and her own life story which was a truly inspiring tale of living the American dream. Starting with nothing, Star rose from the ranks out of poverty to attain a degree in international business and eventually start a public policy think tank in America. 

By giving us a deeper background understanding of CURE’s work, Star helped to illustrate what kind of changes she perceived are needed in American society to help marginalized communities out of poverty. 

Our chapter had invited Star to speak on market based alternatives to the current social safety net system, something which CURE does extensive work on.  After the many negative effects of the current system were established Star moved into her approach for a solution. 

Many alternatives were presented and discussed through the evening such as negative income tax, charter schools, and personal block grants, but every option seemed more reasonable than the status quo.  After presenting her case Star fielded questions from the audience on a number of issues.

Group with Star

The event accomplished what we had hoped and opened up a dialogue on our campus about the realities of marginalized communities in America and the best way to get them out of poverty.  The event attracted attention from our campus newspaper, the Capital University Chimes, and was widely discussed the next day on campus. 

By presenting an unorthodox approach to solving serious social ailments we helped to spread the message of personal liberty in our community and engage with parts of the student body that had previously been uninterested in our message.   

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