Star Wars: The Libertarians Unite at Regent University

On Wednesday February 7th, the chapter at Regent University continued its great start in the pursuit of liberty for the semester! After having a meeting the week before, to discuss the goals and objectives for the semester as well as our Spring Summit attendees it was decided that the following meeting should provide opportunity for opinionated discussion and debate about the role of government and the role of those who opposed it in our society. This resulted in a Star Wars movie night! The members of our chapter got together and watched The Empire Strikes Back because this particular Star Wars movies deals so heavily with the retaliation of a political oppressor and the reactionary efforts of those who opposed it. We were able to talk and communicate about what we felt about the role of political parties in society and if that was reflected in the story of Star Wars. We also took some time to revisit the subject of the Spring Summit in March and encourage our members to apply. This was an inspiring event that allowed our members to see and talk about political roles even in a fictitious realm.

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