Starting a Chapter

imageStarting a Young Americans for Liberty chapter can be quite the feat at certain college campuses. If you’ve started a chapter yourself, you may know exactly what I mean.

For me, it started with getting in touch with other local liberty activists, primarily through Facebook. Next, I found out the rules on campus for tabling, and met with the student activities coordinator to find out what I’d need to get in order to start an official campus club.

Originally I had just assumed I could plan a tabling event and get some people to sign up—and bam! There’s a YAL chapter. Unfortunately it takes more than that at some universities, mine included. So, after I met with the coordinator, I found I needed to find a faculty advisor, write a blurb about what the our YAL chapter is for the school’s website, and begin the paperwork for a tabling event to recruit other members.

So far, I haven’t made much progress, especially on the front of finding an adviser. The three professors I’ve asked so far have declined. Fortunately, the student activities coordinator was nice enough to bypass the faculty adviser requirement for now. Then, he scheduled us for a tabling event in the first week of the spring 2013 semester. I’m hoping to get at least 10 very rambunctious and dedicated members with this tabling event.

And so it begins! The fight for liberty has arrived at The University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

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