Starting a FIRE at Wesley College

Greg Lukianoff

For Constitution Week, we had Greg Lukianoff (President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) talk about free speech on college campuses, and how limiting speech on campuses hurts society and the ideas that our country was founded upon.

The event was very successful, we had 100 undergrad students (out of 1200 students), five faculty members, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, and also the College President and his wife. 

Wesley College is a small private Methodist college, and the former dean of students would penalize students who spoke against about the college. Students are still afraid to speak out, but as my political science adviser said, “Greg Lukianoff started a FIRE at Wesley.” Since Constitution Week, students have been speaking out against some faculty members and some policies that the college made. We are even planning a sit-in protest!

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