Starting a YAL Chapter at UNL

Starting a YAL Chapter has been a huge challenge for me. Before YAL I would sit in my room by myself for hours refusing to be social. But now things are very different. Because of YAL  I’m more involved in my school, I’ve met a bunch of new people, and I’m much more of a positive and social person. I’ve also realized that my fear of socializing is almost gone because so many of our events have been focused on recruiting new member so we can educate and train people in the ways of Liberty. Whether it was at the Big Red Welcome, the club fair, our free speech ball, or our poll and information hand out on industrial hemp I’ve been trying to get out of my bubble and show as many people as I can the road to liberty. Not only that but I have something to look forward too now. We have a monthly meeting tomorrow and are doing a civil liberties graveyard later this month. I can’t wait to get out there and help people get their freedoms back.

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