Starting the Chapter

It’s been a fun time getting the chapter setup at City Colleges of Chicago- Wilbur Wright College, as well as finding perspective members and officers for the organization. I’ve become accustomed to even carrying my clipboard, pocket constitutions, and other information to pass out with me at all times in my backpack, because you never know. It’s been a little bit of a struggle as midterms has come forth but nothing too much to handle. We’ve found some, others have expressed being uninterested, but a great common ground I’ve been able to find is that most from both parties are still willing to come to meetings, participate in recruitment sessions, as well as voicing their own ideals, opinions and beliefs in political discussion.

I’ve also been able to get all the necessary information from the school here, as well as attend some of the SGA (Student Government Association) meetings, while also meeting it’s members and officers. I’ve come to notice some key people whom I feel would make a great addition to the chapter and also have come to realize what best grabs attention to prospective members, which types of events hold the members down, and who key personnel are when it comes to expanding the organization, whether it be in need of funds, advertisements, or events.


I hope to post another recap around Thanksgiving and to also have the chapter going full by the end of the semester.

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