SOTU + Recruitment Drive at Tennessee Technological University

The Tennessee Tech YAL chapter rallied behind freedom this past Tuesday night (1/30/18) through hosting a very-successful State of the Union viewing party in the Tech Pride room. The event started as scheduled at 7:30 p.m., and stretched until around 9:30. SOLO funds were used to purchase 35 Papa John’s pizzas, and attendees (a rough count of 50 people at the event’s height) were able to discuss the President’s speech in real-time while playing Trump-rhetoric bingo using words called out from the speech itself (a nice assortment of YAL memorabilia was up for grabs as a prize.) The Tennessee Tech YAL chapter plans on continuing to kick off the spring semester with another public event, YAL-entines Day, to spread further awareness about the organization’s campus presence, drive up recruitment, and to share the message of liberty.

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