State Representative Kim Coleman visits BYU students in Provo

Via America’s Future Foundation (AFF) we coordinated an event with one of our upstanding representatives in the Utah State Legislature, Kim Coleman. We were joined by a group of students and community members as Representative Coleman elaborated on the role of state governments: specifically, on the relationship between state powers and the powers at both local and federal levels. We discussed several issues local here to Utah, such as city laws that burden small businesses such as food trucks and ride sharing apps (both ever increasing in their popularity in our area). Representative Coleman closed her presentation by answering questions on specific legislation that will be presented in the upcoming state congressional session. She also encouraged all present to become engaged citizens by being involved in the vetting of the laws and elected officials to keep our communities free from burdensome taxes and restrictions. Afterwards, AFF treated all who came to food from a small business popular here in Provo!

It was a great night promoting liberty.

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