Statewide Slate of Libertarian Candidates Visit the University of Pittsburgh

On Wednesday, April 4th, Pitt Libertarians hosted three special guest speakers to address the club and share their plans to advance liberty. These aspiring Pennsylvania public servants were Dale Kerns (Candidate for US Senate), Ken Krawchuk (Candidate for Governor), and Kathy Smith (Candidate for Lt. Governor).

All three the candidates discussed their visions for both the United States and Pennsylvania and how we can achieve a greater level of freedom and justice at both the federal and state level. Their agendas included strong support for an individual’s right to bear arms, freedom of association, sound money with an audit of the Federal Reserve, cuts to both government taxes and spending to promote economic prosperity, and an end to the war on drugs. Attracting a crowd of thirty people from the Pittsburgh community, the candidates then proceeded to the Q&A portion of the night. The event concluded as each student was given a copy of the Pennsylvania Constitution and an opportunity to personally meet the candidates.

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