Status Report on Forming NKU Chapter

First day back at Northern Kentucky University. Noon. Three courses over for the day… That’s when the real fun began.

I hit the space in front of the Student Union–the area that receives the most traffic throughout the day–and start pitching liberty. With the help of good people like Abe, Nathan, Sebastian, and John, we were able to accumulate ~one hundred signatures over the course of three days, despite our busy schedules. “The meeting today should be pretty good,” I thought. “Probably around twelve or so will show.” Every sign-up was exhaustively contacted via text and email (calling was out of the question, as I was the only person available to do so and time was in short supply). Lo and behold, only two people arrived. Bummer. But we still had a good time! Introductions were made, stories were shared, and questions were asked. And you know what? I think they’ll be showing up to the next meeting. So what if only a few people are able to make it to a meeting. That’s no excuse to give up. I’d rather have a handful of dedicated people that will become reliable liberty warriors in the future than five dozen half-hearts. Our next meeting will be larger. Then the next will be larger. Then the next will be larger. Then the next….

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