Steve Bierfeldt and the TSA

You may recall reports on this website about Campaign for Liberty’s Steve Bierfeldt and his brush with the TSA.  The ACLU filed a case on his behalf after he was detained in an airport simply for carrying cash on behalf of C4L.  Bierfeldt received some media attention, including making it on CNN, but since then little seems to have come out about the development of his case.

Now Bierfeldt has an article in the Huffington Post:  “How My Lawsuit Against the TSA Made Airports Safe For the Constitution Again.”  He explains:

Eight days before the government’s response was due in our case, TSA issued a new policy directive making clear that its safety screening procedures would be strictly limited to passenger searches for the purpose of safeguarding flight safety. In combination with other directives issued in the wake of our lawsuit, TSA’s policy now makes clear that passengers should not experience the kind of suspicionless detention and questioning I had been subjected to. In light of this victory, yesterday the ACLU informed the court of our intention to voluntarily dismiss the suit.

The TSA screeners won’t be gone, but perhaps now they’ll be a little more under control.  Bierfeldt himself concludes, “passengers are no longer forced to check their constitutional rights at the airport counter, and that is a victory for all.”

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