Stimulus Pork

Mayors across America are expecting to receive great cash rewards from the newest bailout lottery winner, the American people. The proposed $800 BILLION Stimulus bailout bill will include massive pork spending. According to Tom Schatz, President of Citizens Against Government Waste, Pennsylvania will receive $100 Million for redeveloped land to build a casino, Minnesota (remember the recent auto bailout?) is asking for $6 Million for snow making at a ski resort, Las Vegas is asking for $13 Million for improvements and another $50 Million to build a museum that will focus on organized crime (I wonder if it will include the Federal Reserve), and in Hawaii, they’re asking for $6 Million to heat a swimming pool even though the temperature in Hawaii averages 75 degrees year round. Video here.

To get a better ideal of the stimulus pork, take a look at the Pig Book at Citizens Against Government Waste.

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