STJ Chapter Kicks Off the 2012 School Year!

This past month has been marked with definitive successes for Liberty at St. Johns University!

Constitution Week was kicked off with a Constitution Debate between our chapter and the College Republicans and the College Democrats. The issues debated among the three clubs were gay marriage, immigration, and health care. Under the legal confines of the Constitution, the College Democrats and College Republicans took mostly Libertarian stances on the issues debated. Before and after the debate we were able to pass out about 50 copies of the Constitution and YAL palm cards, and signed up thirty-five people for our newly forming chapter.

Constitution Day debate

After a month of meeting with the student government, our chapter’s first official meeting was held last week! We discussed the activism events the chapter is planning on holding throughout the school year including Visualize the Debt, Occupy the GPA, and Choose Charity among others. We also elected our debate team for a second debate with the College Democrats and College Republicans based on the presidential debates. We’re looking forward to our next meeting coming up soon at the end of October!

Together with our friends in the New York Forum for Freedom group (a pro-liberty meet up group of Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, Federalist Societies, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, and others), the executive board of our chapter went to a live taping of the Stossel Show in Manhattan. We had a great time getting a behind-the-scenes look of a wonderful show and told way too many libertarian jokes.

YAL at Stossel

In the midst of all the chapter success, we’ve been making slow progress with the Student Government. St. John’s has an incredibly bureaucratic student government system and it’s extremely hard for student groups to form. Nonetheless we’ve been pushing forward in our efforts to move the St. John’s University chapter to official recognition status! 

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