Stockton University Recruitment Drive and Free Speech Wall

This was by far Stockton’s most successful recruitment drive! A big shout out to Tim Petarra from the Leadership Institute for helping out and supplying the Free Speech Wall. Tim and I set up our table at noon and recruited for the next several hours. At first their was some hesitation to come up to the wall, but once the ice was broken everyone wanted to write on it! People were very excited to leave messages of all kinds on the wall.

Many students were interested in the liberty and freedom concepts of Young Americans for Liberty. There was a fair amount of concern over where our government and country in general is going. The one thing I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see, was that nobody was triggered or complained. Everyone had a great time writing on the wall and reading what everyone else wrote. 

All in all, the drive was very successful. Many students are looking forward to their first meeting and future events that we will be holding.

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