Stop, Collaborate, and Watch

It’s been a busy week at Capital University. Our political science department at Cap hosts an annual voter registration drive on September 22 (National Voter Registration Day). This year they invited all the political groups to set up tables and assist in the event. We were situated directly across from the College Democrats and College Republicans and right next door to the Socialist Student Union, who fortunately enough were doing a protest against voting.

Getting out the vote

2015 proved to be the most effective voter registration drive in Capital’s history — an even more impressive feat considering it’s an off year.  In addition to contributing to our civic duties we were able to connect with several highly interested students who had missed us at earlier tabling.  All in all it was a great way to get our name out there on campus and mingle with the other politically active groups here at Capital.  

Setting Up

The tabling at the voter drive also served as a last minute advertising blitz for our viewing of Locked Out scheduled for Tuesday night. Both the College Dems and Republicans had agreed to collaborate with us on that venture. Their presence worked out great for us as both groups are relatively well established and have a significant member base that we were able to tap into. With help of some truly terrific tabling by several of our newest members and a generous grant by our sponsors we were able to throw a great first activism event. 

Riveting Discussion

The documentary was a hit and lead to a Riveting discussion revolving around licensing and other issues that were relevant in the communities of those in attendance.  

At our weekly meeting on Wednesday we were greeted by some new faces from the viewing who came already interested in working on our next activism projects. While a busy one, this week has proved to be quite the boon for our presence on campus.

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