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As you will see per the pictures below, the first article was not written by a YAL member. In fact, it was written in direct retaliation against the YAL group at Wake Forest University! The funny thing is, is that the article is amazing! “How so?” You ask… It means Wake Forest YAL is doing their job!

Statist n00b

Click here to read the article in its entirety and please, do feel free to tell the kind guest columnist for the school paper, The Old Gold & Black, that libertarians value freedom for all and kindly explain why. [cont… click below]

The funny thing is that the student who wrote the rebuttal has an amazingly minute understanding of libertarian ideas; and, believe me, we will show that student (Matt) in next week’s paper that libertarians actually promote the welfare of the poor to a much greater extent than any person advocating state ran welfare programs. Maybe Matt should have read Wake Forest YAL Campus Coordinator’s article “A Free Market Empowers All”  before he decided to “debunk” libertarians in one article.

Nathan Liberty

Maybe Matt also needs to pick up a copy of Economics in One Lesson. I think we’ll deliver him a copy next week, along with the printed version of our Head of Libertarian Studies’ article, by Paul Monroe (we’ll also post that rebuttal online when it goes to print) and Nathan’s article above!

Anyhow, the TRULY funny thing is that Matt (the columnist of the article above) is just a guest columnist. Wake Forest YAL, however, has a member who is the Managing Editor for the Old Gold & Black, Elliot Engstrom. Elliot has a weekly column entitled “Rethinking the State, A Criticle View of Government.

You see, not only does YAL have a weekly opinion article that we are usually published by the Old Gold & Black such as Nathan’s above, but Elliot has his own weekly column about really examining statism. Twice the exposure, twice the campus presence.

So, in short, TAKE OVER YOUR CAMPUS PAPER… Be active about your ideas and don’t stop with the paper alone… Your campus needs you. [click the picture below to read Elliot’s piece]

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