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If you are up to date with the news or even social media you probably noticed that Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie were the spotlight of Monday’s news. This happens all the time, because both men are possible candidates for the 2016 GOP nomination. Both were attacked yesterday for comments made concerning vaccinations. What they said was nothing out of the ordinary. They simply stated that parents should have a choice.

It didn’t take long for Hillary Clinton, another potential 2016 presidential candidate, to weigh in on the issue on Twitter.

Clinton Tweet

It was a disgusting sight to read all the comments on Twitter and Facebook concerning parents who don’t vaccinate their children. People literally were going after others just because of their personal beliefs. The hashtag #antivax quickly rose to stardom.

Now let me make this clear. The people who choose not to vaccinate their children do not belong to just one political ideology. They are not a bunch of right-wing conspiracy nut cases who fear that the government is out to get them. Many of these people who don’t want their children vaccinated for certain diseases belong in what you could describe as the (Earth Fare Folks).

It is these people who would rather give their children a long used remedy, such as natural honey for a cough rather than various over-the-counter medications. There is not a single thing wrong with this. What about the people who do not get a flu shot each year? Should they be targeted and harassed?

Science isn’t in question here, even though many have tried to make it the issue. Individual freedoms and liberties are not only in question but under extreme attack. If we as members of the “liberty movement” do not come to the defense of people who don’t agree with government mandated vaccinations, then what good are we in fighting for other personal freedoms?

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