Stranger Danger!

I am currently working on a debate case with the resolution, “The United States government should not set a deadline to leave Afghanistan.” I had a vague idea that I would try to come at it from the angle that the Afghanis wouldn’t be safe from the Taliban if we left. So I started to look for cases of the Taliban targeting civilians. Do you know how many I found? A big zero.

See, the Taliban only targets invading military groups — foreign invaders. And if you think it’s because we’re American and free, think again. They need no other reason to hate and fear us then that we have invaded their country, destroyed their land, and killed their children.

So what if we left?   It might take some time to settle down, but the bombings would stop and these people we claim to be protecting would be safe again. We are clearly not over there to bring stability and peace to these people. So here’s a question. What are we there for?

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