Student Activist Fight for Common Sence Defense Policies

Breaking News!! “Live Shooter Reported at Northeastern State University!” The breaking news update that no student wants to see while scrolling through their phone. Though it is still a headline that unfortunately is becoming more and more common in newspapers around the country. On a growing basis we see gruesome stories where students are helplessly gunned down on college campuses and schools around the nation. Though school shootings are on the rise, most school policies for such an event involve locking the classroom door and waiting for help to arrive. Though at Umqua Community College in Oregon, a live shooter was allowed enough time to question each of his victims before brutally murdering them. Though for some reason most college campuses continue the policy of waiting for police to arrive, while restricting students from utilizing the right to protect themselves. At the same time campuses bring awareness to a superposed increase of sexual assault and rape on campuses. Yet instead of preventing victims, campuses provide counseling and legal help while simultaneously preventing students to carry simple self defense tools such as pepper spray and tasers. We, liberty activists, from the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma have decided to take a stand against violence on campus. We believe that it is Your Life and Your Right to defend yourself. We have pledged to allow #NoMoreVictims on our campus.

On November 15, 2016 students in Young Americans for Liberty hosted the Your Life Your Right event at Northeastern State University. During the event we created a “Dodge-ball Free Zone” where students inside the zone were not allowed to defend themselves while other students attacked them with dodge balls. We did this to simulate the reality of how gun free zones tend to work. We also held a petition calling for the right of self defense weapons ranging from knives, mace, tasers, and even firearms to be allowed on campus. Though leftist professors and students were triggered by us promoting the radical idea known as freedom, we were able to convert some back to the side of liberty. Students were amazed to find out that according to school policy they were not aloud to even carry pepper spray. Yet nearly half of the female students who signed our petition were already carrying pepper spray on their key chains.

By the end of the day we reached 187 signatures. While it wonderful to see so many students on board with our right to self defense, as well as meeting new students who want to join our cause at Young Americans for Liberty. Our greatest accomplishment of the day was changing students’ view points on the subject. Many students were under the impression that gun crime is on the rise. Though they were surprised to see that violent crime across the nation is actually at a 20 year low, and that the only place where gun crime is rising is in gun free zones. Many would then google the statistics and many hung out for a while to learn more about how more guns really do reduce crime. For the most part, after hanging out with the students from YAL the left leaning students completely reversed their stance and even thanked us for our activism. That is why we do what we do. To change the narrative, to allow discussion, to educate students and to make policy changes happen!

The students of Northeastern State University have spoken! We will not wait minutes for police to come to our aid in the event of an emergency. While it takes minutes for police to arrive, when bullets are flying seconds cost lives. We students at Northeastern State University and of Young Americans for Liberty have pledged #NoMoreVictims! We believe that when it comes to self-defense, it is Your Life Your Right!

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